The concept

The project “Tür an Tür” connects citizens with their neighbors and their environment. Through (ich glaube man sagt "by an intervention", bin mir aber nicht sicher) an intervention in the stairwell people’s attention is raised to interact with each other. A digital platform gives information about the community center itself. You can visit the website, take part in one of the varieties of events or come up with your own project.


The aim is to motivate people to connect with each other to create urban life together.


In terms of the service concept, I’ve designed a proposal for the “Nachbarschaftstreff München”, which includes a visual identity and a website.

The Research

Is there a need for more socializing with the people from our environment?

It happens that the elderly passing away in their apartments and only being found month later. There is even a Japanese word for it (Kodokushi 孤独死). On the other side, there are young families seeking supportive housing situations and co-living places like commons are becoming increasingly attractive to them.


Through an intervention in the stairwell, I've tried to raise people’s attention to interact with each other in their common area. 

I had no clue what the output would look like. Will there be any kind of communication? Or are people even suspicious of anything happening out of their own apartments?


This is what happened: 

On a piece of paper, a conversation arose between neighbors who did not know each other at all. The note was actually meant for people to enter the date on which they watered the plants.

Among other things, however, it was used to give tips on how the herbs could survive cold winter days. 


The Exhibition

The exhibition was the final of a very intense half-year. Including a lot of trials and errors, making mistakes, learning from them and growing.


With the genre "Social Design" all components of a project with so many facets get together.

The Map

Besides the whole research, including the service proposal, corporate design and the website I wanted to make the project experienceable for the visitors.


During the exhibition, the visitors can pin their favorite place in the city on a huge map.

I reproduced the outcome in a digital map here: ​

You can find the whole research of my bachelor thesis here: Tür an Tür - Gemeinsam Stadt leben (Deutsch)


I would love to hear some feedback. So please don't hesitate, write to me on social media or mail.