This Product is Valuable

2014 virtual water consumption was one of the most important topics at the "world water day". There is a huge difference between virtual consumption and real consumption. Real consumption means only the amount of water we're directly using by showering, using the lavatory flush or doing our laundry. By virtual consumption, we mean the whole water amount which has to be spent to generate all of our products, like food, clothes, vehicles, etc.


For products which do not need an extra packaging like clothes, bags, etc.

Folded Flyer

For products which do need an extra packaging like rice, coffee, pasta, etc.

Virtual Water

This virtual amount is invisible and much higher than many of us think. Water scarcity in countries all over the world is getting worse. We have to rethink our manufacturing processes and change our consuming behavior. To get to the bottom of this topic and to draw attention to the consumption of virtual water I tried to bring the issue to everyday life. The project results in different kinds of packagings which have included educational information instead of more advertisement. Topics like the worldwide amount of freshwater and how high our consumption is or how much water was needed to produce one specific product.